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beginner class

beginner class

Developing Good Canine Companions

Our goal at Canine College is to help you build a strong relationship with your dog. Dogs are pack animals and have a natural social order. They look to their owner as their leader for guidance, rules and expectations. At Canine College we teach dog owners to be leaders. These skills along with daily training will result in a good companion that will benefit your family and community.

Canine College Training and Instructors

Our training method corrects undesirable behavior while promoting a positive attitude and relationship between dog and handler. It teaches the dog to focus on you. Dogs have different personality type, but each one needs training.

Each of our instructors has at least 20 years experience in dog training. They and their canine partners have earned the most advanced titles offered by the American Kennel Club. Their experience includes the training of a variety of purebred, mix breeds and rescue dogs.

Canine College Dog Obedience Classes

Canine College offers 10 week classes for Beginning and Intermediate training on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Dogs and handlers learn in a group format. We are located in Richfield, Minnesota; south of crosstown 62 on Penn Avenue at the Canine College Training Center. If you'd like more information on our dog classes and our dog school, please call Diane Partlow at 952-922-5015.

Advanced Obedience Training

The sport of obedience is an old tradition and a wonderful hobby. Each level of obedience competition requires mastering a specific set of skills which increase in difficulty before advancing to the next level. The opportunity for advanced classes to learn the sport is available for Intermediate training graduates.

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Hours of Operation:

Monday: Open Practice 6:30–7:00PM; Class 1 7:00PM; Class 3 7:30PM

Tuesday: Class 6B 5:45–6:45PM; Open Practice 6:30–7:00PM; Class 2 7:00 PM

Wednesday: Open Practice 6:30–7:00PM; Class 5 7:00PM

Thursday: Competition Obedience 10:00AM; Puppy Class 6:30–7:00PM; Class 6A 7:45PM